Water Damage Photo Gallery

water damage carpet being dried with fans

Drying Wet Carpet

Drying with our Air Movers

This home had a washing machine malfunction that caused their carpets to be soaked in water. Our team was able to use our extraction equipment to remove water and our fans were expertly placed to continue the drying process. 

SERVPRO employee removing water

24/7 Help

We're Here to Help

SERVPRO of East Concord/Brentwood has team members ready 24/7/365 to assist you after any kind of water damage. This team member was on the job immediately to extract water from the carpet. 

kitchen water damage demolition

Kitchen Damage Demolition

Our Restoration Process

The team at SERVPRO of East Concord/Brentwood had to remove part of the kitchen's cabinets and counters to fully restore and repair after water damage. We promise to make it look "Like it never even happened." 

Kitchen water damage

Kitchen Sink Replacement

After Water Damage

After this kitchen sink malfunctioned and the pipes burst, our team had to demolish most of the kitchen and reconstruct the affected areas. SERVPRO of East Concord/Brentwood worked diligently to fully restore this home. 

Home after water damage with drywall cut out

Drying and Drywall Removal

Our Process

This home in Concord suffered water damage throughout their property. In the dining room, our team at SERVPRO needed to remove some of the drywall to dry the excess water behind the walls. 

Air Movers drying a crawl space

We are drying certified!

This water damaged occurred in Pittsburgh CA after the toilet faucet broke and flooded the entire first floor of the home.

The water had been gushing from the broken faucet for over 24 hours!

The flooring and the floor joint were so soaked with water that we had to extract some water from the crawl space.

The air movement from the crawl space also aided the drying of the wooden sub floor above.

The owner was very impressed with our drying technique and communication about the drying process.

The expressed that he had a water damage before and felt comfortable with our team's drying techniques and equipment.

Water Damage in Kitchen

Standing Water in Kitchen

This is the aftermath of an overflowing kitchen sink. 

The home owner had been instructed to evacuate her property because of a bush fire nearby. She has two young kids and in the mist of the chaos forgot to turn off the kitchen sink faucet. The water overflowed for over 4 hours.

Our team was called and we arrived within the hour, we extracted the water and started the remediation process.

We assured the client that we would clean up and dry her house and get it to preloss condition.

We dried out most of the clients content that was affected and the client was very pleased.

a lady on a weighted extractor

using the weighted extractor on a carpet in a commercial building

Water leak from a broken facet can cause flooding in a home or business and if not mitigated quickly , it can cause business disruption and caused secondary damage, such as damaged furniture, inability to use the affected areas and possible mold growth.

In this case, the water supply line from the toilet in a commercial building in downtown Brentwood,Ca burst and flooded the kitchenette and gym area. 

With this weighted extractor equipment, more water is extracted from the carpet by taking advantage of the added weight of the operator.

We sure made it look "Like it never even happened."

Using Injecti dri system to dry a wet wall

Water Damage Restoration using Specialty equipment

Water leak from a broken facet can cause flooding in a home or business and if not mitigated quickly , it can cause business disruption and caused secondary damage, such as damaged furniture, inability to use the affected areas and possible mold growth.

In this case, there was huge old cabinet behind this dry wall were the loss occurred that needed to be moved for the wall to dry but the customer was not willing to risk moving the furniture to avoid damage to the beloved furniture that had been in the family for years.

With this specialty drying equipment called the "injectidry", we dried the wall to perfection.

The customer was happy with out state of the art solution.

 mold damage before and after remediation

mold damage before and after remediation

This photo shows the before and after situation of a mold damage.

Mold spores can grow in as quickly as 48 hours from a water or water loss and cause adverse health issues to the occupants of a house or business where found.

Water had been slipping in from the exterior wall for a couple of weeks and caused mold growth. Early detection and reaching out to SERVPRO will help mitigate any secondary damage that can be caused by moisture.

Our professionals are trained to mitigate mold spore growth in your home or business and ensure you are back in a healthy living space.

water damage before and after remediation

water damage before and after restoration

A water line facet leak can occur in a home or business at any time of the day.

This was the aftermath of a facet leak and flooding of a downstairs bathroom.

The owner informed us about this water damage as quickly as they noticed and our team arrived at the property within the hour of the call. 

We mitigated, cleaned and dried the bathroom. This swift response ensured there was no secondary damage or mold growth and this made the initially worried customer very comfortable and pleased with the outcome.

We made it look "Like it never even happened."